State of Minnesota, Quote by Keith Haugen

  • "Are your skies still

    free of smoke and haze

    Do your old folks still remember days

    When your skyline was

    a grove of Norway pines

    Does the North Wind

    whistle through your trees

    Can you still smell

    wildflowers on the breeze

    Do bass and pike still

    play with fishing lines

    Do your children

    still walk the rails

    Or discover hidden Indian trails

    Do canoes glide

    through Minnesota streams

    Can you hear the cry

    of the lonely loon

    Do wolves still howl

    at your full moon

    Is Viking Land still

    Mother Nature’s dream


    How I miss my Minnesota Blue
    Oh, how I miss my Minnesota Blue."

    -Keith Haugen

  • Sign ID #CU1688MN

    23x31 Only Wood

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